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Coal based cylindrical activated carbon,which raw material is strictly selected anthracite, is made by powdering, bonding, high pressure extruding, and other production technology processes. It is black cylindrical granuler, and is widely used in the application of air purification, sewage water treatment, desulfurization and denitrification, solvent recovery, nitrogen making machine, air separation plant, and so on.

Coal based cylindrical activated carbon
Bulk Density 350-650(g/l)
Particle Size 0.7-10(mm)
Moisture 0.5-8(%)
Hardness 85-98(%)
Iodine Value 300-1300(mg/g)
CTC 30-120(%)
Ash 1-40(%)
Benzene Adsorption 30-75(%)
Bet Surface Area 400-1500(m²/g)
Floating 0-5(%)
Customer's demand can be considered in the production.