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Bituminous activated carbon takes soft coal as raw material. This kind of activated carbon is produced by scientific formulation of several types appropriate coal, grinding into powder, non-bondable extrusion, carbonization and steam activation. The main characteristicsmanifested in highly developed macropore and mesopore structure and low floating rate, which are the best choice for the decolorized usage of fluid-phase and water treatment etc.

Coal based bituminous activated carbon
Ash 5-15(%)
Hardness ≥85(%)
Bulk Density 350-500(g/l)
Iodine Value 800-1100(mg/g)
Methylene Blue 180-270(mg/g)
Water Capacity 80-110(%)
Water Soluble Ash ≤0.5(%)
Customer's demand can be considered in the production.