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Coal based granular activated carbon,which raw material is bituminous coal,is made by the production process of crushing,carbonization and activation. This kind of products have the advantages of high hardness,developed pores,large specific surface area, and large micropore's volume. It can be used for removing organic materials and free chlorine in water treatment,and adsorbing harmful gases in the air. It is an excellent adsorbent for drinking water,sewage water,and industrial wastewater treatment.

Coal based granular activated carbon
Bulk Density 350-650(g/l)
Particle Size 4-60(mesh)
Moisture 0.5-8(%)
Hardness 85-98(%)
Iodine Value 400-1300(mg/g)
CTC 30-120(%)
Ash 1-40(%)
Methylene Blue 70-300(mg/g)
Bet Surface Area 400-1500(m²/g)
Floating 0-5(%)
Customer's demand can be considered in the production.